GATE 2018 Architecture AR Answer Key

GATE 2018 Architecture Answer Key and Explanatory Answers

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Aptitude Section

Area of an Equilateral triangle is √3. The perimeter of the triangle will be
A. 2       B. 4         C. 6          D. 8
Area of equilateral triangle = (√3/4) x a2
√3 = (√3/4) x a2
a2 = 4
a= 2
So the perimeter will be = 2x3 = 6
Answer: C. 6

2). When she fell down the ___________, she received many _________but little help.”
select the most appropriate option.
A. Stairs, Stares       B. Stairs, Stairs       C. Tares, Stairs       D. Stares, Stares
Answer – (A) Stairs, Stares

3). Inspite of being warned repeatedly, he failed to correct his _______________ behavior.
A. Rational      B. Reasonable      C. Errant      D. Good
Answer – (C) Errant

4). Array in descending orders of their volumes.
A. Cuboid with 10cm x 8cm x 6cm
B. Cube with side of 8 cm
C. Cylinder with base radius 7cm and height 7cm
D. Sphere of radius 7cm
Solution –
Volume of cuboid = lxbxh = 10x8x6 = 480
Volume of cube = a3 = 8x8x8 = 512
Volume of cylinder = V=πr2 h = (22/7) x 7x7x7 = 1078
Volume of Sphere = V= (4/3) π r3 = (4/3) x (22/7) x (7x7x7) = 1437
Answer – (D) - (C) - (B) - (A)

5). A set of four parallel line intersect with another set of 5 parallel lines. How many parallelograms are formed?
A. 20      B. 48      C. 60      D. 72
to make a parallelogram 2 set of parallel lines in one direction & 2 set of parallel line in other direction are needed.

and hence:
Total no. of parallelogram

Answer: (C) 60
6). If  then the value of    is
A. 1      B. 5      C. 7      D. 9

Answer: (C) 7
7). An automobile travel from city A to city B and returns to city A by the same route. It cover the onwards journey @ 60km/hr. and return journey @ 90km/hr. What is the average speed of the entire journey?
A. 72      B. 73     C.74     D. 75
Since equal distances are covered at 60 kmph and 90 kmph, we can apply the formula 2xy/(x+y)Average speed = (2x60x90) / (60+90) = 72 Km/hr.
Answer – (A) 72 Km/hr.

8). For  are both decreasing function in the interval ______

A.     B.     C.     D.  

Both are decreasing in 
Answer: B

9). To pass a test, a candidate needs to answer at least 2 out of 3 questions correctly. Total no. of candidates are 6.3 Lacks. Number of candidates that answered correctly to question

A is 3.3 Lacks. Number of candidates that answered correctly to question
B is 2.5 Lacks. Number of candidates that answered correctly to question
C is 2.6 Lacks. Number of candidates that answered correctly to questions
A & B is 1 Lack. Number of candidates that answered correctly to questions
B & C is 90K. Number of candidates that answered correctly to questions
C & A is 80 Lack. If number of students answering all questions correctly is the same as the number of candidates answering none, how many candidates failed to clear the test?
A. 30K       B. 2.7 Lacks      C. 3.9 Lacks       D. 4.2 Lacks

Given that if a person attempts 2 question then only he passes & hence total no. of failed.


Given that: total no. of student answering all question = total student answering none
0.6 = Total student answering none

Failed student
Answer: D

10). In a detailed study of annual crow birth in India, it was found that there was relatively no growth during period 2002-2004 and a sudden spike from 2004 – 2005. In another unrelated study, it was found that revenue from cracker sale in India which remained fairly flat from 2002-2004, saw a sudden spike in 2005 before declining again in 2006. Solid line shows sale of cracker while dash line represents crow birth in the graph. (Graph not available currently. Please wait while someone provides one)

Choose the most appropriate inference from the above data.
A. There is a strong correlation between crow birth and cracker sale.
B. Cracker usage increase crow birth rates.
C. If cracker sale declines, crow birth will decline.
D. Increased birth rate of crows will cause an increase in the sale of crackers.
Answer: (A)

Architecture Section

11). Assuming other variable remaining constant, the “Tropical Summer Index”
A. Increases with increase in air velocity
B. Decrease with increase in WBT (Wet Bulb Temperature)
C. Decrease with increase in global temperature
D. Increase with increase in vapor pressure
Tropical Summer Index" (TSI) is defined as the air/globe temperature of the still air at 50% RH which produces the same overall thermal sensation as the environment under investigation. This index takes into account all four environmental variables (air temperature, globe temperature, humidity, air velocity) in proportion to their influence on the thermal sensation.
The equation is

Where: TSI = Tropical Summer Index,
tw= Wet-bulb Temperature (°C),
tg = Globe temperature (°C),
V = velocity (m/s)

None of the option is appropriate

12). Concentric circles in a solar chart represent

A. Azimuth angle B. Altitude angle
C. Horizontal shadow angle D. Vertical shadow angle
Answer – (B)
The concentric circle in solar chart represents altitude angle.

13). 'Sight Distance’ is considered in the design of
A. Road intersection
B. Fenestration
C. Open kitchen
D. Auditorium
Answer – (A)
Sight distance available from a point is the actual distance along the road surface, over which a driver from a specified height above the carriage way has visibility of stationary or moving objects. This is related to road intersection.

14). World Trade Center (WTC) in 2001 collapsed due to
A. Wind load failure
B. Foundation failure
C. Thermal performance failure of reinforced steel in RCC
D. Thermal performance failure of structure steel.
Answer – (D)
World Trade Center (WTC) in 2001 collapsed due to Thermal performance failure of structure steel.

15). Question based on Structural Grid Type…
A. Tartan      B. Square       C. Rectangular      D. Irregular
Answer – (A)
A tartan grid is a design of straight lines of varying widths and distances, crossing at right angles.

Sidi Bashir Mosque with ‘Shaking Minaret’ is in
A. Ajmer      B. Allahabad      C. Ahmadabad      D. Amritsar
Answer – (C)
Sidi Bashir Mosque was located in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Due to its unique construction, the minarates of mosque are also called Jhulta Minar or  Shaking Minarets.

17). A room of size 3m x 3m x 3m has reverberation time of 0.8 sec. The total absorption in the room is ________ sabin.
Reverberation time T = (0.16 V) / A
0.8 = (0.16 x 3x3x3) / A
A = 5.4 sabine

18). ‘Area based development and ‘Pan City development are part of
A. Smart city mission B. Digital India mission C. Swachh Bharat mission D. Atal Innovation Mission
Answer – (A)
There are two strategic component of smart city mission i.e. Area based development and Pan city development. Under area based development we have Retrofitting, redevelopment and Greenfield development.

19). According to UN, component of ‘Inclusive growth’ is
A. Economic well-being B. Physical infrastructure C. Education D. Life expectancy
Answer - (B)
According to UN, component of ‘Inclusive growth’ is Physical infrastructure. It enables connectivity and increases opportunity for engaging in economic activities. Also stimulates mobility of production inputs like labor, financial capital, machineries, and equipment and speeds up the delivery of social services to remote areas.

20). Unit of Damp Proof Course (DPC) is
A. sqm        B. m        C. cum      D. kg
Answer – (A) sq.m.

21. LRTS stands for
A. Light Rail Transit System
B. Liner Rail Transit System
C. Light Rail Transportation System
D. Liner Rail Transportation System
Answer – (A) Light Rail Transit System

22). Strength of M-25 is
A. 25 kg/sqm         B. 25N/sqmm      C. 250N/sqm       D. 25N/sqm
Answer - B. 25N/sqmm  
    M-25 means Specified characteristic compressive strength of concrete expressed in N/mm2.

23). In color wheel, Red and Blue color are
A. Tertiary B. Complementary C. Secondary D. Primary
Red, Blue and yellow are primary colors.

24). Hall of Nations was designed by
A. Charles Correa
B. Raj Rewal
C. Joseph Allen Stein
D. A P Kanvinde
Answer – (B)
Hall of Nation was an Exhibition complex designed by Architect Raj Rewal.

25). In CPM for time scheduling, ‘Forward Path Calculation’ is carried out for determining
A. LS and EF
B. ES and EF
C. LS and LF
D. ES and LF
Answer - (B)
In CPM for time scheduling, ‘Forward Path Calculation’ is carried out for determining early start time and early finish time.

26). Bamboo is
A. Shrub
B. Timber
C. Evergreen tree
D.Perennial grass
Answer – (D)
Bamboos are a group of woody  perennial evergreen plants in the true grass family Poaceae.

27). As per NBC, minimum turning radius (in m) required for fire tender movement is
A. 8      B. 8.5      C. 9      D. 9.5
Answer – (C)
If there are any bends or curves on the approach road, a sufficient width shall be provided at the curve to enable the fire appliances to turn, the turning radius will be at least of 9.0 m.

28). HRIDAY stands for
A. National Heritage City Development and Augmentation
B. Yojana National Heritage City Design and Augmentation Yojana
C. National Heritage Development and Augmentation Yojana
D. National Heritage Culture Development and Augmentation Yojana
Answer – (A)
The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, launched the National Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana ( HRIDAY) scheme on 21st January, 2015, with a focus on holistic development of heritage cities.

29). A 25 storey building has 5 lifts. Resulting waiting time is 35 sec and ‘returning time’ is 175 sec. The no. of lift
required for reducing waiting time to 25 sec without increasing lift speed is ____________.
Answer - 2
Waiting time = RTT / N
Where, T = waiting interval
N = number of lifts, and;
RTT = round trip time
Waiting time = RTT / N
25 = 175 / N
N = 175 / 25 = 7
The no. of lift required for reducing waiting time to 25 sec will be = 7-5 = 2

30). ‘Town Planning Scheme’ refers to
A. Land renewal B. Land rejuvenation C. Land reclamation D. Land readjustion
Answer – (A) Land renewal

31). As per URDPFI, perspective plan is prepared for the duration of
A. 1 to 10 years B. 11 to 15 years C. 20 to 30 years D. 30 to 45 years
Answer – (C) 20 to 30 years

32). The Equipment that is used for hoisting building material is called
A. Goods lift B. Capsule lift C. Gantry crane D. Tower crane
Answer – (D)
The Equipment that is used for hoisting building material is tower crane.

33). In a bird eye view of a cuboid, maximum vanishing point is
A. 1       B. 2        C. 3       D. 6
Answer – (C)
Number of vanishing point in Birds eye view will be 3.

34). Rock-cut style is seen in
A. Shyama Raya Temple, Bishnupur B. Kailash Temple, Ellora
C. Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, Khajuraho D. Sanchi Stupa, Sanchi
Answer – (B)
The Kailash temple is one of the largest rock-cut ancient Hindu temples located in Ellora, Maharashtra, India.

35). Required indoor illuminance is 350 lux. Outdoor sunlight level illuminance is 9000 lux, if daylight factor is 2.7, find the amount of additional artificial lighting required.
Answer – 107 lux.
D.F. = (Ei/Eo) x1002.7= (E i/9000) x 100Ei=243So additional artificial lighting required = 350-243 = 107 lux

36). Which of the following is not used in BIM
A. Adobe Illustrator B. Bentley Micro station C. Autodesk Revit D. ArchiCAD  
Answer – (A)
Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics software used <span style="color: #222222;">for creating logos, graphics, and cartoons etc.

37). Match the building in Group - I with their architect in Group - II

38). Match the element in Group - I with the system in Group - II
39). 2 hectare plot with FAR 2. Ratio of residential to commercial is 3:2 and parking required for residential is 1 ECS per 100sqm, for commercial is 1.25ecs per sqm. Total ECS will be ____________.
Answer – 440
Total buildable area=2 x 10000 × 2= 400, 00 Sq.m
Residential area= (3/5) x 40000 = 24,000 sq.m
Commercial area = (2/5) x 40000 = 16000 Sq.m
No. of ECS for residential = (24000/100) x 1 = 240
No. of ECS for commercial= (16000/100) x 1.25 = 200
So the total no. of ECS = 200 + 240 = 440

40). A housing with 60 dwelling units and 5 residents per DU uses 135 lpcd. If 80% of need is met by recycled water, the daily requirement of water in liter will be ______________.
Answer – 8100 liter
Total number of residents = 60 x 5 = 300 person
Water requirements for 300 person = 300 x 135 = 40500
80% of the demand is met by recycled water
So the volume of recycled water = 40500 x 0.80 = 32400 liter
Daily requirement of water = 40500 – 32400 = 8100 liter

41). In India, for 1.0 Cum of M-20 grade concrete, the number of cement bags required is _________.(up to two decimal place)

Solution:  5.76 to 5.82 or 6 Bag (check official ans key)
M20 Grade concrete proportion is = 1: 1.5: 3
Volume of cement required is = 1/ (1+1.5+3) = 0.18 Cu.m.
Mass of cement = density of cement X volume of cement
= 1600 x 0.18 = 288 KG
Number of cement bag = 288 / 50 = 5.76 = 6 Bag



43). Match the term related to landscaping in Group - I with their explanation in Group – II
Group – I Group –II


44). Match the term related to lighting in Group - I with their Unit in Group – II
Group – I Group –II


45). As per NBC 2016 match the fire related norms
Group – I Group –II
46).The live load and dead load in a three storeyed residential building, transferred through a single column, is 12 tons and 18 tons respectively. If the soil bearing capacity is 10 ton/sqm and the factor of safety is 1.5, the area of column footing is ___________ sqm. (up to one decimal place).


47). Match the iconic architectural examples in Group – I with their predominant structural systems in Group – II


48). A Single Phase Neutral (SPN) electrical circuit has a power consumption of 330W. Considering a voltage of 110V and power factor of 0.8, the electrical current drawn is______________ Amp (up to one decimal place).

49). A plotted housing scheme on a site of 12 hectare has 60% saleable area. The average unit cost of land development is INR 300 million per hectare. If the profit margin is 20%, then the selling price of land per hectare is ___________ million INR.

50). Match the planning principles in Group – I with their descriptions in Group –II


51). The time duration of a project with optimistic time of 4 days, pessimistic time of 11 days and most likely time of 8 days is ____________.
Answer ---- 7.83
Project duration = (optimistic time + 4 most likely time + pessimistic time) / 6
Project duration = [4 + (4 x 8) + 11] / 6 = 7.83

52). Two design options of a business building on a 10 hectare site are being compared for built up area. Floor to floor height of option A is 3.6m and that of option B is 4.5m. If maximum allowable building height is 45m with same ground coverage for both options, the additional built up area achievable in option A over option B is __________%.
Answer – 20%

53). A building with 100 sqm roof area is connected to a 72 cum rain water collection tank. If the rain fall is 60mm/hr and the loss during water storage 20%, then the time taken to fill the tank completely is __________hrs.
Answer – 15 hours
Volume of water accumulated in one hour = (100 x .06) = 6 cu.m.
Volume of water lost during storage = 6 x (20/100) = 1.2 cu.m.
Net volume of water = 6 – 1.2 = 4.8 cu.m.
Time to fill the tank = volume of tank / volume of water per hour
Time to fill the tank = 72 / 4.8 = 15 hours

54). match the city in group – I with their planner in group - II


55). The negative bending moment at fixed end of a cantilever (5m span) of UDL 10kN/m and point load of 20kN is _______

From Right side:

56). An isolated enclosure shown in the Figure has inlet P and outlet Q of 2 sqm. each, on the opposite walls. The outdoor wind speed is 5 m/sec. If the coefficient of effectiveness is 0.6, the rate of natural ventilation in the enclosure due to wind action is___________ Cum/hr.
57). Match the symbol in the group in Grp-I with the meaning in Group – II
Match the built form in group – I with their description in group - II
59). Match the temple in group – I with their Dynastic period in group - II

60). A 5m x 5m x3m room has four 230mm thick external brick walls. Total wall fenestration is 10 sqm. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is 2 deg Celsius. Air to air transmittance value for 230mm thick wall and 20mm thick aerated concrete block wall is 2.4 and 1.7 W/sqm-degCelsius respectively. If brick walls are replaced with aerated concrete block wall, then the change in the conductive heat flow through the wall is ___________W.
Answer - 70 W

61). The sound power level of an outdoor non-directional point source is 90dB. Considering an atmospheric impedance of 400 rayls, the sound pressure level at 10m distance from the source is ________dB.

62). Planning norms for schools is given the table 
63). Match the building characteristics in group – I with their seismic consequences in group - II

64). Match the building material in group – I with their property in group - II

65). Match the urban conservation themes in group – I with their respective descriptions in group - II

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